Journey mapping

When someone gives their first gift to your institution, they take a leap of faith. Do you help them feel appreciated, assured and inspired by their impact? Or are you bombarding them with further requests, sending them irrelevant reports, or leaving them out in the cold?

If you don’t feel your alumni or supporter experience is under control, our journey mapping solution is for you.

What we do

Using a technique based on private sector customer journey mapping, we can perform an audit of your communications and events programmes from the perspective of your audiences. This process will identify where journeys are broken and how they could be mended to increase satisfaction, affinity, loyalty and desirable giving behaviour.

Our audience journey mapping workshops

Through a workshop with your team, we will investigate step by step the journeys your alumni, parents or supporters are taking. By visualising and assessing the experience holistically, we can recommend ways to improve coherence, increase audience satisfaction and drive engagement.

While mapping the typical journey for each of your audiences, we will also look carefully at any segmentation and tailoring you already deliver, as well as any audience segments who are likely to require their own nuanced journeys who don’t receive these currently.

We can also offer detailed assessments of individual types of communication, provide digital communication audits and investigate channel mix – just let us know your concerns and we can design an audience journey review to suit.

We know that audience feedback drives better results

Making it easy for your alumni and supporters to give feedback will help you address a poor experience before it causes major issues. Our recommended journeys include short surveys to keep you in touch with your audiences and have confidence your journeys are hitting the right note.

When combined with meaningful audience research, you can achieve more sophisticated targeted journeys. If you’d like to create a baseline of audience satisfaction, investigate needs and track your progress over time, we can make it happen. We design our projects entirely based around your requirements, so just let us know your wishlist.