Alumni identity

What does being an alumnus or alumna mean to you? What does it mean to your alumni? For too many institutions, the answer is ‘nothing.’ This lack of meaning is a major problem for fundraising and alumni relations staff who struggle to communicate with disengaged and uninterested alumni.

The good news is, a sense of alumni identity can be measured, developed and nurtured over time.

How we can help

IdentityvendiagramAlumni with a strong sense of identity are much more likely to take pride in giving to their alma mater, become valuable advocates and get behind their institution’s mission.  We can help you find these individuals and give you the tools to build this identity in the wider alumni community.

If you’ve done all you can with dry demographics, it’s time to delve in to the attitudes, needs and behaviours of alumni. Responding to your audiences’ needs and creating a strong sense of what it means to be an alum of your institution can significantly improve your engagement and giving results.

Our Alumni Identity survey

Our online survey investigates the foundation identity that exists for your alumni and measures the attitudes proven to correlate giving behaviour. With this data, we can identify new audiences for your programmes and recommend ways to build a stronger sense of alumni identity, increase participation and improve satisfaction.

What you will receive

We provide you with a full summary report on who your alumni are and which engagement activities and programme improvements are most likely to increase satisfaction and build alumni identity.

The results of your survey are scored at an individual level ready for import back into your database. The scores can then be added into existing demographic and behavioural scoring models or can be used on their own.

Our analysis is tailored to your institution, meaning our recommendations will cover what is unique to your graduates.

We can add further value by creating new scoring models with your team, developing alumni pen portraits, and assisting you to design alumni and donor journeys. Just let us know what you’d like to achieve.

We recommend Alumni Identity if you want to:

  • Better understand your alumni
  • Tailor your communications and programmes to your audience
  • Find and grow new audiences for your fundraising programmes
  • Provide strategic direction to alumni relations and engagement activity
  • Improve your fundraising and volunteering programme sustainability

If you’d like to talk about how Alumni Identity can help you achieve your engagement, fundraising and volunteering goals, get in touch today.