Higher Education Donor Experience Research Project

Check out our new dedicated project website at www.hedonorexperience.com.

We’ve launched the first ever research project into the donor experience from the perspective of higher education development professionals like you.

Our research aims

We are seeking to understand:

  • How you think and talk about donors and the donor experience
  • How you evaluate and make judgements on the quality of the donor experience
  • How you make decisions relating to the donor experience

How we’re going to do it

The research study will consist of two phases; a qualitative phase in June/July 2018 where we interviewed a range of staff about their experiences, and a quantitative phase in October/November 2018 where development professionals across all UK institutions will be invited to share their thoughts. The results will be published in early 2019.

Find out more at www.hedonorexperience.com.